Hello Dr Read

Today I had my first appointment with Dr Read, a consultant psychiatrist in Oxleas Mental Health team. I didn’t get to lie on a couch – I think that must be an American thing.

There wasn’t a couch. Or sofa. Or settee. Or whatever you want to call it. Just chairs. It was very much like a typical docs room at a GP surgery.

I was ready to be asked to be diagnosed with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (formerly known as Borderline Personality Disorder), so when she suggested ADHD, I felt myself taking a step back.

I’m sure many adults who’ve been through an ADHD diagnosis had the same reaction – I’m not hyperactive, I don’t run around the room, I did okay at school and even went on to university.

But then the statement from Dr Read that changed everything:
“The hyperactivity of ADHD is in the brain.”

Part of my brain doesn’t switch off. There’s a constant humming. When I’m thinking, that hum turns into a fizz. And when one part of my brain is fizzing, the rest can’t compete.

The pieces fell into place:
“I have ADHD.”

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