Self-medication part 2

The UK is a country of binge-drinkers (links to Telegraph website). Many of us are self-medicating, even if it’s just the psychological ‘I’ve earned it’ drink after a particularly hard day at work.

Before starting my ADHD meds, I was using alcohol to give my brain a break.

The hyperactivity within my mind doesn’t stop. But I’ve found that the best part of a bottle of wine will mask it and give the rest of brain a rest.

My official meds work differently – they slow down/turn down the noise level and give me some clarity. They allow me to function much more like a ‘neurotypical’ person. They are truly awesome.

But there are still times when only wine will do.

My drugs can stay in my system up to 14 hours, so if I’m taking my tablet at 9am, by 11pm, it’s completely out of my system. I’m slowly creeping down from 11pm and seeing what happens…

Please note: Mixing amphetamines and alcohol can be dangerous. This post is me talking about my life experiences, not promoting or condoning particular behaviours.

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