Fast you very much

Today I had a blood test done at my GP surgery. I’m a new patient with a number of health problems, so my doc wanted to do what he called an “MOT” – checking for things like diabetes.

I have no issue with needles. At all.
For me, the problem is the fasting.

I was told I’d need to go without food for 12 hours beforehand. Nothing but water. Not only would I have to go without my stimulant top-up, but it meant… No. Food. At. All.

I realise I need to write about the relationship between ADHD and food. A blog post will follow shortly…

For those of you who have a fear of needles, I have a couple of tips when you need to have bloods taken.

Water: Firstly, drink a pint of water 15-20 minutes beforehand. This will plump up your veins and make it much easier for the needle to go in smoothly and painlessly.

Breathing: Secondly, breath in beforehand, and then breathe out steadily as the needle goes in. It’s a breathing technique used elsewhere in medicine that can really help.

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