It should be called ADEHHD

It can still be pronounced the same – ADHD. Just with slightly longer “dee” and “aych” sounds. Because otherwise it’s missing one of the fundamental symptoms of the condition that many of us find the hardest to live with: emotional hypersensitivity.

Emotional hypersensitivity is caused because our brains can be flooded by one emotion.

The issue is with the “working memory” – the part of short-term memory which is concerned with immediate perceptual and linguistic processing. If this isn’t working properly, we can get stuck on one emotional feeling, which can overwhelm us.

And it seems to happen more frequently with stronger emotional responses. It’s as if the stronger the initial emotional response, the more likely we are to become trapped in that moment.

So when we receive criticism, rather than feeling stung, we find ourselves drowning in a sense of loss – we question who we are as a person. And we are so overwhelmed by our emotions we are unable to see just how ridiculous that is.

Or maybe we need a new name that focuses on the issues – such as working memory problems – rather than the symptoms, so the focus is on the disorder itself.

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