Beth’s part of the city

The Northern Quarter is Beth’s favourite part of Manchester – she likes the mishmash of people who all rub along as jazz bars and indie pubs vie for recognition.

The spirit of the Northern Quarter cannot be captured in a video. The “I heart Manchester” team has tried. But it’s definitely somewhere you have to visit yourself.

(Opens on Youtube website)

Excerpts from The Second Cup

“She [Beth] doesn’t want to be here. She wants it to be 20 minutes ago, when she was heading up Tib Street, turning left onto Thomas Street, heading towards the huddle of Northern Quarter bars, feeling alive in her favourite part of the city.”

“Now big nights out were usually pooh-poohed in favour of a night trawling bars in the Northern Quarter, sniggering at the occasional handlebar-moustachioed hipster who’d taken the sculpting of his facial hair a step too far.”

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