Reblogging: Your last breath

Author -Carole Parkes

Victim behind Glass 6


When she finally settles back at her computer, I decide it’s time to take action. I still need to pull this off quickly and smoothly. Next to a freshly dug flower bed, a shovel catches my eye and inspires a plan.  I grab the shovel and approach the back door. Through the glass panes in the door, I can plainly see into the empty kitchen. I place my knife in my waist band and dial her number once more.

Annabelle has just settled back at the computer when the ringing of the phone disturbs her a second time. The sooner she buys another set of telephones the better, and then she won’t have to keep traipsing out of her study to answer it. “Hello?” She hears that annoying automated silence again and curses the wretched sales people who she believes are calling her.

Again Lang remains silent… While she’s…

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