The Second Cup extended edition is live!

The new edition of The Second Cup is now live on Amazon (links to website).

The Second Cup is out now

As well as a gorgeous new cover and subheadings to help guide the reader through the chapters, the new edition also included character interviews.

I explain the reason as a “note from the author” at the back of the book and I want to explain it here too.

In The Second Cup, Beth’s story doesn’t have a resolution – she just decides to try and get better. It’s something I did after suffering from depression for a long time, and I even fooled myself into thinking it had worked.

Shortly after The Second Cup was published, I had a breakdown and have since been diagnosed with ADHD. I have dedicated this edition of my novel to Dr Helen Read, the psychiatrist who diagnosed me.

I now realise I’d accidentally given Beth the same condition, and I wanted to give her the chance to get a diagnosis too. Beth gets to share her diagnosis with readers in her interview.

And with interviews from Olivia, Abbie and Faye too, there are also updates about Ethan, Paul, Toby and Matt…

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