No, The Second Cup is not a ghost story!


Lots of people gushed over my original cover for The Second Cup. And I agreed with them – the dark teal was striking and the edgy font was gorgeous.


There was just one issue.

Readers who saw the cover were expecting dead bodies hidden in fields under moonlight or ghosts of the dead to appear!

So I spoke to people who had read the novel and asked them to give me their thoughts on my story in relation to the cover.

Even those who adored the cover and my novel didn’t think they were a good fit.

So I asked what they thought would work instead.

A number of readers commented that there were strong butterfly and moth motifs throughout the book which were key to the story arc. They also pointed out that I had other references to insect too: ants, woodworms, centipedes.

Others commented they felt my book fitted more in the genre of ‘women’s fiction’ than anywhere else, with one even referring to it as ‘dark chick lit’.

So my search for a new cover was on.

Something that represented butterflies and dark/intense women’s fiction
… and I think my new cover delivers!

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