I get to be angry during Mental Health Awareness Week

I know the main reasons behind Mental Health Awareness Week are good ones.

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation (links to MHF website), it’s an opportunity to highlight mental health issues and reach out to those who may be struggling in silence.

But in the age of social media, for many it is just another hashtag to hijack in the aim of raising their online profiles.

(People are using #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, #MHAW and #MHAW18 on Twitter. Some of the posts using them are embarrassing in their shoehorning.)

Many of the people simply jump on the bandwagon for the week.
Or even just the first day…

Today will get many more posts than later on in the week, when those with the typical social media attention span of five minutes have already moved on to something else.

These people then disappear and spend the next 51 weeks not even thinking about mental health (except for if another mental health awareness hashtag pops up, ready to entice).

And while it’s irritating that they get to fuck off and enjoy their mentally healthy existences, this is not the reason for my anger.

I’m angry because these people flood social media with their own inane bile and it clogs up the system and stops the useful messages getting through.

If you have nothing useful to say about mental health and you want to join in, please RT those that do.

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