My thoughts on indie book awards

After The Second Cup was named as a finalist in theĀ 12th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards, Pict Publishing (my publisher – links to their website) asked me to write an article on entering such competitions as part of their #FridayFacts series.

As Pict says in the intro to my article, indie authors like me are not able to enterĀ the Costa Book Awards and the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction. So instead we have to try and navigate the minefield that is “indie book awards”.

Some authors will disagree with my stance, believing you should never pay to enter an award. (These authors will often be the same ones who don’t agree with paying for a blog tour or for Amazon advertising.)

And these authors have every right to choose not to spend their money on any of this marketing.

The advantage to being an indie author is that you get to decide (with your publisher’s assistance) what types of marketing are right for your book.

As my book is about suicide and errs on the side of literary fiction, it’s the sort of book to benefit from award recognition. So my next step was to decide what awards to enter.

You can find out more in my original #FridayFacts article:
#FridayFacts – Should I enter any indie book awards?

Find out more about the Book Awards that have recognised my debut novel.

What do you think?

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