Bookish World Cup stop – Argentina

Bookish World Cup 2018 banner

I’m taking part in the Bookish World Cup with Rachel’s Random Reads. My guest blog post is written from the point of view of Beth – one of the characters from The Second Cup.

“Every four years I become a football supporter. The only time I pay any attention is during the World Cup.

But it’s not, as it is with many of my friends, to support England in yet another hopeless attempt to relive the glory of 1966. For me, it’s to support Argentina.

I didn’t even witness the 1986 “Hand of God” goal that Diego Maradona scored against England – although I saw it hundreds of times from as many angles in the highlights while my Dad watched with mild disappointment. (He was always more of a cricket fan.)

But my Mum came alive with hysteria…”

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