Author interview… with Whispering Stories

Here’s a snapshot of my author interview on the Whispering Stories website.

the interview

1) As a child what did you want to do when you grew up?

I wanted to be Floella Benjamin. I didn’t realise you couldn’t be another person, so people assumed I wanted to be a children’s TV presenter – which is probably quite a cool job, but not something I’d want to do. Floella always seemed so smiley and happy and I wanted to be that. I also wanted to have beads in my hair.

2) Who were your favourite childhood authors?

I didn’t enjoy reading as a child at all. I didn’t discover the pleasure of reading until I was a teenager and it was more that the library was a “safe space” at school, so I spent time in there. So I guess you could say I started reading by accident.

3) At what point in your life did you realise you wanted to be a writer?

It was during my A Levels. I was studying Performing Arts, but an injury meant I couldn’t dance, so I was majoring in theatre instead – and found the writing side fascinating.

4) How did you go about following that dream?

After my A Levels, I studied a degree in Scriptwriting at Bournemouth University. During the course I discovered my writing style was more suited to the introspection allowed in novel writing. It was another 15 years before I decided to write a novel though.

As I’d found the academic support side of my degree so helpful, I decided to study an MA Creative Writing. I found a course where I could focus on one novel – rather than having to produce a portfolio of work – and I finished my novel about a year after I finished the course.

READ MORE… The full interview is available over on the Whispering Stories website.

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