5-star review for The Victoria Lie – from Readers’ Favorite

readers favorite 5-star review

The Victoria Lie has been awarded a 5-star review from Readers’ Favorite.

The Victoria Lie is a work of literary fiction by author Sarah Marie Graye which asks the question: When is a lie a lifeline? The second book in The Butterfly Effect saga, this story focuses on new characters and can be read as a standalone novel, although there are some links with previous characters that faithful readers can enjoy.

This new plot focuses on Tori, a woman hell-bent on stealing the life and friends of poor suicidal Zoe. When Zoe remains alive, Tori’s anger bubbles and new complications arise to prevent her getting what she wants. What follows is a suspenseful tale of how far Tori will go to get what she thinks should be rightfully hers.

There are a lot of powerful psychological and vengeful tales in this new vogue of suspense fiction, and Sarah Marie Graye fits in very well among the big names. She has that same unhinged style of storytelling that both damns and glorifies Tori and her actions at the same time, making for an exciting and dark read that left me questioning who really was the villain of the piece.

The characters are sharply drawn, perhaps a tiny bit over the top but in an appropriate way for the plot. Though the complex and emotionally dark subject matter of The Victoria Lie will not suit all readers, those looking for fascinating psychological realism and outrageous drama are sure to be satisfied. I could certainly read much more Sarah Marie Graye, and hope to in the future.

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