Not sure you want a whole blog to yourself?

If you follow a few blogs and think you’d like your own space to write and share your thoughts, but the idea of having your own blog makes you feel a bit queasy… then maybe you should take a look at Medium.

It’s a website that allows you to post up articles you’d like to share – and even lets you set up your own “publication”, which means you can have your own page where links to your articles sit together in an online magazine.

I’ve been playing about with the website and have set up my own publication called “the butterfly effect“… so you can go and have a nosy and see how it works.

You need an introduction for your publication, which sits at the top of the page. Mine explains the idea behind the butterfly effect – which is chaos theory – and how this relates to my writing:

“Chaos theory looks at how one event can cause unexpected and sometimes extreme reactions. The newest form of chaos theory is digital: ideas going viral can affect the views of huge swathes of the population. We can attempt to harness this energy by sharing interesting ideas.”

My articles so far cover:

Have a read and let me know what you think…

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