Below are professional editorial reviews for The Second Cup.

Readers’ Favorite

“A truly amazing and well-developed novel that just blew me away with the writer’s superior writing skills.” READ FULL REVIEW

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Book Viral

“Emotionally challenging and highly original, The Second Cup proves a powerful debut for Graye and a hard book to put down.” READ FULL REVIEW

* * *

Princess of the Light

“Graye takes an intense situation and instead of shying away from it, she strips away the bandage so we can see the raw, oozing wound.” READ FULL REVIEW

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Circle of Books

“I couldn’t put it down – the story is that enthralling.” READ FULL REVIEW

* * *

Online Book Club

“For what seems like a relatively simple story, there were a lot of insights into mental health, self-confidence and the insecurities people have in everyday life.” READ FULL REVIEW