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Other authors: Susannah Cahalan

Today is a little bit different as I’m sharing my thoughts on Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness, which is an autobiography, not a novel. I’m making the exception for Susannah Cahalan’s book because the writing is as poetic as any novel.

Introducing Pict Publishing – a new wave of female writers.

L.T.Marshall - Author

Pict has been my brainchild for a few months , but only until recently did it really get off the ground running. With the addition of new members, this company has really began to take shape and are taking our first exciting steps.
We now have four very experienced team members and 3 authors within the name and we hope to grow as the year progresses.

📙 So who are we ?

We are a UK based publishing company, set up to help Indie authors on the path to success, headed up by successful Indie authors who want to give back to the writing community.

📙 What do we do?

Pict is made up of a team of very skilled and experienced women in the publishing world and aim to offer new female writers an opportunity to take nerve wracking steps to being self-published, but have the support and back up of…

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Other authors: Nathan Filer

Many sufferers of psychosis say they hear voices. It's the most common auditory false perception experienced by those with schizophrenia. And there's no better book to get a glimpse of this than in The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer.

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