Poems, essays, articles & films

As well as being the author of two novels, I also write poetry and non-fiction and dabble in short films and animation. A sample of my other creative work is listed below.

Representing Epistemic Injustice, BMJ Medical Humanities Blog. British Medical Journal (May 2021)

Ill But Invisible: When Doctors Are No Longer Interested. Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research (April 2021)

Why I Believe The Name ADHD Needs To Change, Huffington Post (August 2018)

No, Using Your Phone Won’t Cause ADHD: A study ignores the differences between causation and correlation, Huffington Post (July 2018)

Accepting My ADHD Diagnosis Was A Lesson In Ableism: Disabled people were ’that group over there’ who needed support, but weren’t anything to do with me, Huffington Post (July 2018)

The ADHD Symptom Women Might Be Overlooking: I didn’t have a Borderline Personality Disorder, after all, ADDitude Magazine (May 2018)

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