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As well as writing articles for both Huff Post UK and Medium, I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to share my thoughts and ideas on a number of book bloggers websites.

The Writing Life of

“I didn’t discover the pleasure of reading until I was a teenager and it was more that the library was a “safe space” at school, so I spent time in there.” – Talking about falling into reading and writing by accident… on Whispering Stories.

Are you a Storyteller or a Wordsmith?

“I believe there are two main types of writer and everyone sits on a sliding scale between the two. Depending where you are on the scale depends which idea formulation processes work for you.” – Talking about the writing process… on Being Anne.

Author interview

“I currently live in Whitstable on the north Kent coast – and one of my local bars is called ‘Novelist’ so it’s fate!” – Talking about being a debut novelist… at Nesie’s Place.

Author interview

“Writing about your depression is meant to be an excellent form of therapy, but I took it a step further than they typical journal and decided to write a book.” – Talking about the shadow cast by depression… with Terry Lynn Thomas.

Why January isn’t a time for writing

“I actually write very little around this time of year. What I do instead is twirl ideas around in my head, questioning and rethinking my characters’ decisions – all of the behind-the-scenes thought processes that writers need to go through.” – Talking about why I’m not writing right now… on A Daydreamer’s Thoughts.

Author interview

“I’m currently writing my second novel and my approach is completely different from the first one – the main thing I’m trying to achieve is to avoid all the errors in the process from first time round!” – Talking non-existent writing routines… on Brook Cottage Books.

Why I wrote this book

“Suicide is a difficult subject to talk about. And although writing a novel isn’t an easy task, writing about suicide – putting my thoughts into the heads of my characters – was far easier than talking about my mental health.”
Talking about not talking about mental heath… on Books Direct Online.

Author interview

“I have ideas that tick over in my mind and which become connected and grow into something bigger. By the time I sit down to write, the words feel like they are bursting out of me.” – Talking about what inspires me to write… on Book Goodies.

From fiction to real life

“How am I meant to pick up the pieces of my life with so little support?” – When fictional characters move from books to the real world… on Wise Words Book Blog.

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